Research Highlights

Featured in NBER Digest: Paying Indian Farmers Not to Burn Agricultural Residue

In Money (Not) to Burn: Payments for Ecosystem Services to Reduce Crop Residue Burning (NBER Working Paper 30690), RDPE faculty Seema Jayachandran along with co-authors test an alternative: paying farmers who forgo burning and use alternatives instead. They find that such payments can work, but only if farmers are given some of the payment before they take action to dispose of crop residues.

Reducing air pollution: Evidence from payments to reduce crop burning in India

In this VoxDev article, Seema Jayachandran and co-authors write about their research which shows that programmes that pay farmers not to burn crop residue face challenges with compliance, but contracts that include partial upfront payments can help.

Podcast: Democracy and infrastructure investment in Indonesia

In this podcast with VoxDev's Tim Phillips, Allan Hsiao outlines his research in Indonesia looking at how the allocation of public investment in healthcare infrastructure was affected by the period of democratisation after the fall of Suharto.

Podcast: Change Gender Attitudes to Change Lives

In this podcast, Seema Jayachandran talks about her work with journalist Rhoda Metcalfe as part of a special IMF series on extraordinary Women in Economics.

Podcast: Rebel governance and development in El Salvador

In this podcast, Mica Sviatschi talks about her research in the context of the Salvadoran Civil War to show how a reliance on non-state governance reinforced norms of distrust of external actors, producing overdependence on subsistence farming and disengagement from postwar governments.

Video: Trade Policy as a Tool for Climate Action

Allan Hsiao's paper on coordination and commitment in international climate action summarized in a video by Econimate.

Video: Tracing Criminal Career Paths in the Cocaine Industry

Mica Sviatschi's paper on childhood exposure to illegal labor markets and criminal life paths summarized in a video by Econimate.